Technology creates winners and losers.

Which side will your organization be?

What we do

We help leaders navigate, and capitalize upon, the technology changes affecting their organizations, industries and ecosystems

Technology Disruption To Industries and Ecosystems

Technology is rapidly disrupting industries and ecosystems. No organization or business is left unaffected by the sea change of technology waves. What fits one, doesn't fit another. While technology juggernauts can hire world's best technical talents, your organization may not be able to do so.

Helping Leaders Navigate Technology Disruption

Leaders are faced with questions like the ones below:

  • How do I turn technology changes in my industry to a business opportunity?

  • How is my competition coping with these changes?

  • Can I leapfrog my competitors using new technology?

  • How do I know whether my tech investment is going to pay off?

  • How can we ride this technology wave as an organization and come out on top?

And many more! Answers to these questions are not easy. You need a partner whose principals not only understand technology deeply, but also understand how technology changes interweaves with unique business processes and people change management.

Opportunities & Challenges

Every sea wave of technology changes the landscape of the industry. The change affects all the three key pillars of your business - sales, product and operations.

There are two ways to look at change - the opportunity lens, and the challenges lens. Both these lenses are important to consider when making a decision to adopt new technology so that you make wise investment choices, not give in to the herd mentality, and truly understand the opportunity and cost of adoption.


Can the change help increase sales? Will it reduce sales if we don't act on it?


Can the change enable us to make new valuable products? Can it reduce my current market share?


Can we improve operations with this technology? Will my competition get better at operations?

What We Offer


Strategic, management and technical consulting


Technology, process and people integration


Cloud, SaaS and software engineering

Why Us

Deep Expertise

Our consultants have decades of real-world experience working on difficult business problems at the intersection of technology, processes and people.

Proprietary Approach

Our unique approach to problem-solving, fact-gathering, and customized solutioning has won us many accolades, and friends across a global base of clients.

Tough Love

We help leaders make tough choices when necessary. Success of our clients is far too important to "dance around the problem". Some clients compare us to McKinsey.