Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Your One-Stop Partner in IoT Solutions

System Integration

Custom system integration involving IoT device, sensors, compute, storage, module designs for clients


OEM and ODM manufacturing, multi-sourcing parts and assemblies, supply-chain and various value-added firmware

Software Solution

Software solutions to provision, control, manage, monitor and diagnostics for IoT device deployments at scale



Camera sensors across a wide range of budgets, capabilities, volumes and use-cases. No volume is too small with us.

Infrared (IR)

Different types of IR (Infrared) solutions ranging from near to far, active to passive IR and temperature sensing


LiDAR and Point Cloud solutions ranging across order quantity, cost, and end-to-end solutions for data handling

Autonomous Vehicles

Compute nodes for high-performance edge computing in autonomous vehicle and self-driving scenarios


LED (Light Emitting Diode) illumination solutions for variety of use cases and custom solutions (mobile and static)

ML Accelerators

AI and ML accelerators ranging from TPU/VPU/ASIC to custom-built FPGA accelerator designs

Why choose us

  1. Proven hardware and software expertise that you can rely on whether you are a software-first or a hardware-first company

  2. Global component and assembly multi-sourcing capability to reduce risk to prototyping and manufacturing

  3. No MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement allowing you to build a single unit for demonstration, all the way to high-volume manufacturing

  4. Post-production drop-shipping capability in North America, UK, Europe, Middle-East and Asia


We support platforms ranging from mass-production to rapid prototyping