From Data to outcomes


Next-generation MSP (Managed Service Provider) focused on helping organizations secure, operationalize and monetize data to improve productivity, increase revenues and outsmart the competition.

Data Services

Next-generation managed services focused on data, fueled by data, and inspired by business outcomes.

Machine Learning and AI

Interested in building Machine Learning and AI models for your data but don’t know where to start? We can help through the whole process of creating and training models to running them in production.

Data Acquisition and Cleansing

Interested in bringing new data sources, digitize existing paper data, or clean data into useful dataset to further your business goals? We can help with our data acquisition and cleansing services.

Data Scraping and Ingestion

Know which data you need but don’t know how to get that data into a usable format and on a continuous basis? Our data scraping and ingestion services can help bring the right data together at high quality.

Data Storage and Archival

Troubled with mounting data costs? Need to contain the amount of data based on business-relevant attributes? Our data storage and archival services have saved customers thousands of dollars, monthly!

Anomaly and Fraud Detection

Don’t know if the data being presented to you is accurate? Suspicious about some aspects of data being provided? Our AI powered anomaly and fraud detection services can help.

Data Visualization

Need to visualize your data in more easy-to-understand way? Are charts numbing your brain? Look no further! Our data visualization services enable you to understand data faster and better!

Dashboards and Reporting

Need dashboards and reporting in real-time based on islands of data living in different places? Our dashboard and reporting services help you get the right visibility with high quality, customized to fit!

Data Segmentation

Are you a marketing agency looking to segment user data to run A/B tests? Our data segmentation services can be a powerful ally and partner to you for meeting your customers’ needs and goals.

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