Our Solutions

The IntelligentLoop™ methodology is at the heart of all our solutions. The methodology increases agility while reducing risk in the cloud-first world.

The IntelligentLoop™ Methodology

All our solutions follow a proven IntelligentLoop™ methodology.

The Intelligent Loop acknowledges that building the solution is just the first step in solving the customer problem in the new cloud-first world. The solution should be designed to be operational for a long time in a scalable manner with high availability. Some services we have built scale across the entire planet with multi-region and multi-cloud presence. Intelligent Loop consists of Build, Deploy, Manage, Fix iterations through the service lifecycle. This approach lower risks and costs of high-availability cloud-based solutions.


Build the solution for the customer problem


Fix any issues that surface during operations

Intelligent Loop


Deploy the solution on the cloud infrastructure


Manage and monitor the solution continuously

Illumine™ - Managed Open EdX Solution

Illumine™ is managed solution that offers hosted instanced of Open EdX for education institutions. Our engineers take care of customization, scalable deployment, and global availability. Just bring your content and start offering courses online.

Online Agility

Get your content online on hosted and managed Open EdX

Integrated Identity

Seamlessly integrate with Active Directory authentication

Remote Management

Remotely deliver and manage your content from anywhere

IoT Solutions

Digital signage at Times Square.


Athena™ is a modern cloud-based digital signage solution for businesses.



Cortex™ is a cloud-based IoT device management solution for enterprises.