Project Management

We provide project management service to our clients.

Project management service offer includes one or more of the following services:

  • Manage and direct the day-to-day tasks of the project.

  • Ensure that all project team members understand their roles and responsibilities and are fulfilling those duties satisfactorily.

  • Coordinate activities between client sponsor, the project team and external stakeholders.

  • Support development of project management plans.

  • Manage project’s scope and schedule.

  • Manage issue documentation and resolution.

  • Manage risk and risk mitigation strategies.

  • Manage the deliverable review process to ensure that deliverables meet client goals and objectives.

  • Report project status to the Project Sponsor, client's Board and Steering Committee.

  • Manage client's vendor, contract, and budget.

  • Plan and lead team meetings.

  • Identify changes that affect project scope, schedule, budget, or quality.

  • Promote project collaboration and transparency.

  • Facilitate the escalation of high-level issues to the Project Sponsor and/or Steering Committee.

  • Manage the project budget and spending plan.

  • Develop the procurement strategy for the solution vendor.