Advanced Metering Infrastructure


More than 100 million smart meters have been deployed across the United States. Such advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) helps modernize utilities' operations and customer experience, raise awareness on energy and water conservation, and increase society's resilience to natural and other disasters through automation.

Business Problem

But installing and deploying the smart meters was just the first step for a leading utility company. They wanted to take it to the next step. The business question was - how do we engage our customers from residential to commercial in this new system, how do we incentivize the right behaviors.


A customer-facing portal and dashboard was proposed and implemented after performing user studies and surveys.

The customer portal provided personalized information to utilitie's customers about their energey usage, what they could do to improve, how others in the area (residential) and in the industry (commercial) were doing as a benchmark, and targeted analytics to help them take positive volunteering actions to improve energy and water conservation.

The portal was proposed and implemented as SaaS (Software as a Service) in a public cloud environment that utility company was already using, making it efficient, scalable and low-overhead for IT. The system integrated, in real-time, with backend infrastructure including billing systems, energy and water meter data management platforms utility company already had in place leading to a fully-integrated, high customer engagement solution.