Academic Credential Verification


A top-10 technology company in the world wanted to offer special discounting and benefits to academics - students or faculties.

Business Problem

The financial accounting team wanted to make sure this marketing push did not lead to lost revenue due to disingenuous applicants. The marketing team leader wanted to make sure that these benefits got to the right people and not to people who were not genuinely academic.


A cloud-based SaaS solution was proposed that allowed anyone in the world to apply for the benefits by providing multiple forms of academic credentials.

The solution was pragmatically implemented to automate the verification of 80-90% of the cases using a variety of heuristics, trusted authorities and SSO (single-sign on) integrations. The remainder were sent to human operators to perform the due diligence.

Millions of people get verified through this system today, and receive benefits. Revenue lost to piracy has been reduced by 10s of millions of dollars on annual basis.