Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technologies are destined to change our world. With recent breakthroughs in GPUs, cloud and deep learning models – the day is not far when 90% of the mundane, repetitive tasks will be done by AI.

Put AI to work for you now, rather than wait for it to disrupt your business.

Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It’s really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition.

Sebastian Thrun

Innovator and Computer Scientist


LumoNeuron™ AI Platform

LumoNeuron™ AI Platform allows clients to build scalable AI solutions powered by data. It can handle millions of real-time events coming in per second.

chat Bots

AI powered bots can be a great way to increase customer engagement on your website and in social media while reducing your total cost.

Fraud Detection

AI can help find outlier transactions and detect fraud in real-time. Ask us how you can detect fraudulent transactions or anomalous behaviors.

Predictive Maintenance

AI can predict when equipment is likely to fail leading to cost savings from accidental failures or over-zealous servicing.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition solution powered by AI can quickly find missing people or bad actors in videos and images - saving lives and property.

Multi-lingual translation

Translate from one language to another in real-time making it a breeze to work across language barriers.

Object Recognition

Recognize objects in images and videos. Find what's missing and what's left behind. AI helps create a safe work environment or public place.

Speech Recognition

Recognize speech and transcribe them into captions or text in real-time. AI can help save time and resources traditionally required.

Consumer Behavior

Predict consumer behavior. Who is likely to buy which product and when. AI helps you target your marketing dollars to the highest ROI segment.

Insurance Telematics

Understand risks associated with different types of driving behaviors. AI helps your actuarial make better decisions.

Patient Care

Care better for your patients and keep them healthy to reduce ER visits. AI can help predict risk models and ER visit likelihood.

Field Ops Analysis

AI can help analyze field operations (for connected fields) and predict the likelihood of situations getting out of control.

Social Monitor

Monitor multi-channel social media to understand how customers are perceiving your brands, and how competition is targeting them.